Eyewey utilises the power of AI and IoT to help those who are blind feel the world around them.

There are more than 30 million people around the world who suffer from near or complete blindness. We are on a mission to help all of them recognize their world in a new way.

Our story

About Eyewey

Eyewey utilizes a combination of visual recognition and IoT based detection of objects to provide the user with the ability to understand and feel the world around them. Eyewey is a union of wearable glove technology and a mobile application.

 Eyewey is a product of Nexart TechnoSolutions Pvt Ltd. Nexart is a startup based in India focusing on development of new and innovative solutions in AI along with technologies in business solutions and marketing. 

Eyewey as a product under Nexart has also been incubated under Ma’an – Authority of Social Contribution, Govt. of Abu Dhabi for its social impact.

The Glove.

Eyewey glove applies a combination of affordable IoT based sensors to detect objects that falls in front of the glove and notifies the user through vibrations at different points of the user’s hands according to the direction in which the object is detected. The intensity of the vibrations also vary with respect to the distance from the detected objects thereby providing the user with a feel of his/her surroundings.

The Mobile App.

The Eyewey Mobile Application uses a new type of architecture for visual recognition developed by Nexart based on decentralized cloud computing allowing it to recognize much larger classes of objects with minimal computing power and without delay. The app uses this architecture to recognize objects of interest that are in front of the user and tell the user what these objects are. Through deep learning, the app is also able to listen and reply to the user, read texts and much more.

Ma’an Incubator


MSI is a social innovation program and one of the pillars of Ma’an that brings together individuals and organizations to enable them to create innovative solutions to social challenges. Eyewey has been incubated under Ma’an for its nature of social impact.

During the development of Eyewey, we have also understood the difficulty in reaching out to the people of determination. In light of these scenarios, we have also started to create a community on Facebook titled “Initiatives 4 Change” dedicated to bringing together everyone interested in helping the people of determination; for sharing and re-sharing of posts which can create difference in their lives.  

The Team | Nexart

Our creative team


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Nexart Ltd., 12th Floor under Ma’an Incubator, Al Khatem Tower,  Al Maryah Island, ADGM, Abu Dhabi

Nexart TechnoSolutions Pvt Ltd., SreeNanda, Alcot Campus, Neyyattinkara, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India

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Phone : +91 96 33 33 9677

Email : support@eyewey.com

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