How to Create a New Project using the Xcode.

Author: Nandujith

In this tutorial, You’ll learn how to create a project in Xcode.

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Xcode is the IDE created by Apple that includes the tools, interface builder, editor, simulator, and test driven development we need to create our application in Swift. It’s great, powerful, minimalistic, and best part is we don’t really need anything else.

Coding environment

If you want to develop and make iOS apps, you will need to download Xcode 10 (you can download the latest version). 

You do, however, you will need a Mac or computer running OS X to download the IDE. I would advise making sure you have enough space on your hardrive, as the only bummer is that it weighs in at a hefty 6 GB.

If you haven’t already, Check out the Xcode installation steps : 

Let’s get started!

Now that you have Xcode downloaded, let’s go ahead and open it up.



Once the welcome message prompts up, click on “Create a new Xcode project.” Our Xcode project is the source for an app and it’s the entire collection of files and settings needed to create it properly.

Xcode provides us with many templates with built in methods for constructing different types of apps. For now, click on “Single View App.”

Select Single View

Fill in the Project Name, Team, Org Name, and Identifier. (Typical naming convention for Organization Identifier is com.firstlastname)

Choose options, leave unchecked

Make sure your options are left unchecked, and that the language is Swift.

Navigating Xcode

The four main sections we will be working in are the Navigator, Editor, Debug Area and Utility Area.

Xcode Interface

As you can see, our project files are in the Navigation Area. Our interface buttons for our app will be designed in the Storyboard.swift file and our Swift code will be held in the ViewController.swift. Xcode already provided us with a View Controller project file to get started. For now, don’t worry about the AppDelegate.swift or other files.

Now that you have gotten your feet wet in iOS development, I hope you use this as a starting point to try out new things in programming and development in general. Explore, dive deeper and start creating!

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