Our Social Impact

Eyewey Mobile App

With focus on social impact, we have created the Eyewey Mobile App to help people with complete blindness to recognize and understand the world around them. The Eyewey App utilises the power for visual recognition to recognize objects and notifies the user about the in front of them object over their headphones. Our App uses Eyewey Console's unique Model-Switching Method to allow it to recognize any object that is constantly being updated to the Console Database. The App also learns scenarios through deep learning, recognize currencies, read text as well as respond to speech.

Get Alerts on Hazards

The Alert Mode detects and recognises any hazardous signs or objects and warns the user. The Alert Mode also has the ability to provide navigation support.

Detect Items from Database

The Detect Mode takes input from the user to sort the object from Eyewey Console's Database allowing it to detect a much wider range of objects.

Read Text & Signs

The Read Mode helps the app to process natural languages allowing it to recognise printed text from books or even signs and read it to the user.

Recognize Currencies

The new Currency Mode allows the user to recognise currencies. Eyewey Console allows for regular updation of currencies without affecting the ap

Train Personal Datasets

The Train Mode allows the user to train his/her personal items for detection by simply creating personal datasets and uploading images through the app.

Other Features

The Story and Lifestyle features allows users to listen to as well as share their stories as audio posts, helping them stay connected with others on the app.